Our dedication does not stop at providing our customers world-class quality and outstanding service; TASUS Corporation possesses a steadfast commitment to environmental and community responsibility.

Environmental Policy

TASUS is committed to be a good corporate citizen and to comply with legislative, regulatory, customer and other requirements.

We will…

  • be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the community, act to correct conditions that impact the environment
  • commit to a prevention of pollution program and achieve our environmental objectives
  • re-evaluate environmental objectives and targets each year based on the previous year’s results and trends
  • never be satisfied with the status quo and work to continually improve
  • ensure employee awareness of our policy and objectives and include employees as an integral part of the process


– ISO14001:2004 environmental certification

– implementation of full recycling program including: plastics, metals, pallets, cardboard, paper, and shrink wrap cutting landfill waste by two-thirds

– reduction in electrical usage through power-down programs, including machinery, lighting, PC’s, server virtualization, and air leak monitoring