In-mold Decoration & Film

Our nameplate division is well recognized for their work in creating products that make brands stand-out from the crowd. Our years of experience in creating high dimension, formed emblem products has brought us to industry leadership for print to registration films for use in insert mold decoration. While many produce patterned films, TASUS Corporation is able to follow perfect register with today’s intricate designed automotive components by creating to register text and print.


We are experienced in the design and engineering process of creating and printing distortion art for pre-formed inserts, allowing seamlessly formed integration during the insertion of our injection mold.

Insert-Mold Decoration

Insert-Mold Decoration (IMD) is the process of inserting a graphic overlay into an injection mold, uniting the advantages of functional and unique graphics with plastic molded components, becoming an integral part of the assembly. Ranging from the simple bonding of printed labels during the molding process, to the use of a screen printed or hard coated film, we manufacture exclusive products utilizing custom techniques. The IMD process is cost effective, as accuracy is increased and wasteful steps are eliminated.


  • polycarbonate / polycarbonate alloy
  • consistent gauge thickness


Thermoforming consists of a film held in a rigid frame and heated to its plastic flow point. A combination of vacuum, air, and mechanics forces the film into the correct shape.


  • greater design flexibility
  • improved recyclability of materials
  • selection of finish options, including texturing
  • lower costs than traditional methods
  • option for backlighting