Emblems & Model Designations

domed_graphic2 TASUS provides quality mid to high volume emblems, badges, and model designations for interior and exterior vehicle applications. Our processes are diverse to achieve an appearance and finish in-tune with current trends. Our manufactured emblems and designations are also durable to withstand even the harshest environments.

  • injection molded appearance, durability and design capabilities without the high tooling cost
  • automotive OEM grade chrome and mirror finish surface without the negative impact on the environment

Diverse Product Features

  • Exceptional design versatility and the opportunity to create some of the most dynamic multi-profile parts in the industry, adapting equally well in the creation of bezels, trim, and other decorative and functional components. This technology, like most of our products, is flexible and permits direct application to flat or slightly contoured surfaces without the need for re-tooling.
  • Turn any flat graphic into an exciting three-dimensional emblem that resembles a clear plastic bubble. Enhance your brand by combining our dramatic embossing features with the most crystal clear urethane lens available. Our method, equipment, and formula components are exclusive.
  • Conforming to contoured surfaces, offering the finest detail with the narrowest stroke width of any soft dimensional graphic available. Recreate your corporate of product identification with dimension and few size limitations.
  • With amazing detail, we precisely reproduce to duplicate the smallest elements of design on these miniature works of art which are laser cut from stainless steel or nickel, and plated with a chrome or gold finish.
  • Second surface printing for complete scuff protection including added UV protection.



  • die-cut to singles
  • kiss-cut pre-spaced with a pre-mask to ensure uniform spacing and ease of application
  • transfer sheets can be custom die-cut to aid in consistent placement
  • jig development for exact placement every time