Kaizen Culture

“Open the window; it is a big world out there”
–  Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota

Kaizen: A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is an integral part of our company culture. It emphasizes quality which needs gradual and perpetual improvement toward the pursuit of perfection. The basic principle of this philosophy is a continuous engagement and continuous improvement of performance, products, and services; thus greater attention is paid toward the requirements of the customer.

We recognize individual contributions, yet we promote teams, teamwork, and team spirit. Kaizen accentuates the engagement of each worker to the bigger picture concept and vision of the organization, so that they will identify themselves with the company, its culture, and objectives.

Implementation at TASUS Corporation

The team at TASUS believes and practices a Kaizen working culture, exhibiting longevity and success despite decades of industry and environmental change. Our adaptive values and continuous improvement efforts have endured economic highs & lows, political turmoil, global market shifts, in addition to numerous potential challenges. We not only embrace change, we create it!

We credit our record of quality, delivery performance, commitment to cost-reduction, and exceptional service, to our Kaizen working culture.

We employ the Principles of Kaizen:

  • saying no to status quo, implementing new methods
  • if something is wrong, we correct it
  • accepting no excuses and make things happen
  • improving everything continuously
  • abolishing old, traditional concepts
  • being economical – saving money through improvements and investing in further improvements
  • empowering everyone to take part in problem solving
  • before making decisions, we ask “why” five times
  • getting information and opinions from multiple sources, and
  • we remember that improvement has no limits – we never stop trying to improve