Our group at TASUS Corporation and our employees have truly become “learning organizations.” It is through constant reflection that we continue to better ourselves and our operations and offer the same opportunity to our customers and suppliers.

Employee TPS Training 

At TASUS, our training of TPS is completely voluntary and employee-driven. It is due to this structure that we now have 19 internal trainers (9 in Bloomington, Indiana, 10 in Georgetown, Texas) who are helping to sustain and spread the TPS culture throughout TASUS. Additionally, our newest facility in Florence, Alabama, is implementing TPS.

Customer / Supplier TPS Training 

Our offer for training does not stop with our own employees, but is extended to our customers, suppliers, and community. It is our belief that once employees understand the philosophy behind TPS, they can make daily contributions to make the company stronger. The cumulative effect of every employee doing their small part each day is what has made our companies strong, and we offer that same knowledge to assist in further strengthening our customer and supplier companies.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Brett Wagnon, TPS Coordinator, at