TASUS manufactures extruded products that are distributed to every Toyota assembly plant in the United States.

Between the 40 years of experience of our extrusion engineering group in Japan and North America and our continuing commitment to expand our product offerings, we possess the skill, the know-how, and the capacity for precision manufacturing of solid and hollow profile extrusions. The ability for secondary and in-line processes provides the flexibility to expertly manufacture extruded components including automotive moldings and seals. We will continue to add secondary operations to increase capabilities as we grow and expand this product line.


  • Precision solid profiles
  • Hollow profiles
  • Processing of traditional and advanced resins

secondary operations

  • Application of primers
  • Application of pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Sub assembly
  • cutting/ punching/ drilling

As part of TASUS commitment to develop innovative and useful solutions for customers our technical development staff in conjunction with the Texas plant (TCTX) developed their own line of extruded door edge protection for OEM vehicle shipments. See our distributed products division for contact in receving additional information on this product.


Certifications:   ISO / TS 16949:2002, ISO 9001 / 2000, ISO14001