TASUS 2016 Softball Team



Bloomington, IN- The 2016 TASUS softball team will be taking the field again this year for what is sure to be another great season  The team’s first game will be on August 11th. The teams schedule is listed below, all games will be held at the Twin Lakes sports park which is located at 2350 W Bloomfield Rd, Bloomington, IN 47403 . This is a great opportunity to support fellow employees outside of work. Be sure to go and cheer on the 2016 TASUS softball team!

TASUS Softball Schedule:

August 11-6:15 PM

August 18-6:15 PM

August 25- 6:15 PM

Sept 1- 8:25 PM

Sept 8- 6:15 PM

Sept 15- 6:15 PM

Sept 22- 6:15 PM & 7:20 PM

Sept 29- 6:15 PM

Oct 6-8:25 PM

Oct 13-7:20 PM

Oct 20- 7:20 PM