Provide employees & their families with tools that empower them to live healthy, enriched lives

Controlling stress, eating right, exercising, and using preventive care are areas which TASUS Corporation believes are critical for our team to perform at their best. In an effort to promote healthier lifestyles and behaviors, we have implemented a Wellness Program throughout all of our North American facilities, which includes:

  • annual wellness screenings & flu shots
  • healthy vending
  • smoking cessation
  • onsite exercise/nutrition classes


TASUS strives to offer on-site wellness opportunities throughout the year as well as sponsoring employee involvement in local exercise/wellness events. We also offer many opportunities to exercise and improve one’s physical well-being, like our ‘walk-around-the-world’ program and the following classes:

  • Cardio-Kickboxing
  • Bootcamp Circuit Training
  • Yoga


Our vending machines are stocked with fresh fruit, salads, yogurt, and other healthy snacks alongside the more traditional snacks. We also provide healthy foods for catered meetings.

Education / Prevention

Throughout the year, TASUS offers employees the opportunity to learn more about healthy living and how to prevent chronic illness. Additionally, we provide health screenings, flu shots, and stress management opportunities.