March 8, 2018

Hamilton, ON- The TASUS facility in Canada was recognized for their efforts in safety in 2017 by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. Only 6 of 55 companies were awarded for safety and TASUS was chosen as one of them. For an organization to receive this honor they must complete specific actions throughout the year, such as conducting bimonthly checks or creating in-house safety committees. To view the full article regarding the award click here.

Congratulations to the TASUS team for making this award possible! Safety is of the utmost importance and the company is committed to continuing to ensure the safety of everyone at our facility.

January 12, 2018

Florence, AL- Nick Willis has been a TASUS employee for a little under 5 years. As a lab technician his favorite part of his job is working with different people to solve problems.

In his free time Nick keeps very busy. He has taken the TPS pillar of continuous improvement and implemented it throughout his life. He is constantly working on personal development, investing, business, new technology, and productivity hacks. Nick also enjoys tennis and obstacle course racing. Something interesting about Nick is that he can waltz; he also started a business last semester with classmates at University of North Alabama that could help eradicate the prescription opioid epidemic in the US.

Nick is married to Haylee who also works at TASUS, and they have four fur babies. His favorite food is Thanksgiving food! A dream vacation for Nick would be to spend two weeks in Namale, FIJI. His favorite movie was a toss up between “Peaceful Warrior” and the “The Secret Life of Walter Smitty”. His favorite TV show is “The Office”. Everybody loves Michael Scott! He finds inspiration from many people such as his wife Haylee, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates to name a few.

Thank you Nick for being an awesome part of the TASUS team!

January 5, 2018

Bloomington, IN- Melanie Walker CEO and President of Tsuchiya Group North America was recently featured in the Indiana Chamber of Commerce magazine BizVoice regarding the growth of manufacturing in Indiana. The state leads the nation in manufacturing with gross state product at 28.7% and manufacturing employment at 16.8%. There seems to be no sign of slowing down as Indiana is predicted to have a million job openings in the next 10 years, the future of manufacturing has never been brighter.

To read the full article click here.