August 10, 2022

For this week’s #employeespotlight, meet Michael T. Shahan Sr., quality specialist at TASUS Indiana.

How long have you worked with TASUS?

23 years

What do you like best about your job?

Job dependability, not worrying about my job moving out of the country.

What are your interests or hobbies?

Woodworking and a little hobby farming.

Any special talent?

Drawing up plans, and creating new woodworking designs.

Who inspires you?

My wife being very supportive of my ups and downs.

What is your dream vacation?

On the beach somewhere with no clocks, phones, and not worrying about time.

Do you have a favorite food?

Steak, steak & more steak.

What is your favorite movie?

Big Jake, with John Wayne.

Married? Children?

I have been Married to my wife Sonya Shahan for 33 years. I have one Daughter & one Son from a previous marriage, and one Daughter, Amber Shahan with Sonya.

If you are interested in a career with TASUS, visit our website to learn about our open roles!

August 8, 2022


So rewarding to be a part of the Summer Youth Program through the Georgetown Projects. We had a high school senior intern with us who was wise beyond his years!

A great experience by all!!

#keepgrowing #OneTASUS #manufacturing

August 1, 2022

Today, at all three plants, we remembered our former President, Melanie Walker, one year after her passing. Standing in a V formation, we symbolized a story Melanie told years ago about geese taking turns leading, falling back when they get tired. We continue to move Onward and Upward as OneTASUS in her honor.