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TASUS donations for BJ Yoho & Riley Children’s Hospital

October 19, 2014

Bloomington, IN– Every year around the holidays BJ Yoho, aka BJ Claus, works tirelessly to collect toys for the Riley Children’s Hospital patients. TASUS has built a lasting relationship with Yoho and looks to help him raise toys for donation. TASUS is currently collecting new toys for donation and our goal this year is to raise 500 toys by December 5th.

Toy donations can be brought to the HR department at the TASUS manufacturing facility in Bloomington. We would like to go above and beyond our goal of 500 toys so please stop by with donations. TASUS is also collecting cash donations for the purchase of new toys. Our team of Santa’s Helper Shoppers will use the cash donations to purchase toys to add to the total. If you would like to donate toys or money stop by Mark Anderson’s office or contact him via email at


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