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TASUS Employee Feature: Antonio Adviento

May 5, 2016

Bloomington, IN- Antonio has been with TASUS for 16 years and he thinks the best part of his job is learning about the processing side of our business and what it takes to create quality parts. He really enjoys working at TASUS and is happy with the leadership here. He recommends TASUS to anyone who wants to grow within a company.

In Antonio’s free time he likes to golf and spend time with his family. He is married with three children and loves spending time outdoors.

Antonio is very talented at basketball, golfing and being healthy. He doesn’t only play basketball or golf but actively participates on our company softball team every year. He’s a team player both at work and on the field!

Last but not least, Antonio finds inspiration in Tupac and the lyrics of his music. His favorite movie is Malcolm X. He really likes seafood and his dream vacation would be to the Virgin Islands.

Antonio thanks for your many years of service!


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