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TASUS Tsuchiya Group North America Quality Toyota Certified Supplier


At TASUS, we take our focus on quality seriously, and it shows. Our employees have committed to continuous improvement in all of our processes and procedures. We also have stringent testing guidelines in place to ensure our products meet the strictest standards of excellence, every time.

We are not here to brag, just doing what is expected of us...

  • Toyota Certificates of Achievement for Quality Performance

  • Toyota Certificates of Achievement for Value Improvement Performance

  • Toyota TRW Automotive Outstanding Vendor Award

  • Toyota Certificate of Achievement for Quality and Delivery

TASUS Bloomington Indiana Florence Alabama Tsuchiya Group North America Quality CMM



The employees of TASUS and Tsuchiya Group North America are committed to continual improvement & innovation in:


  • ​Customer Service

  • Quality Performance

  • Productivity

  • Cost Effectiveness

Our efforts will be carried out with employee safety and the protection of our environment as primary concerns.

TASUS Bloomington Indiana Florence Alabama Tsuchiya Group North America Quality Lighting Testing


TASUS employees meet exacting specifications by continuously monitoring the process and quality throughout all operations. Through use of standard operating procedures, all part programs are documented to be “on point” with customers’ specifications in pre-launch, production, in-process inspections, and secondary operations. All production runs are maintained by the quality department as well as continuously monitored by support staff and the TPS quality team. It is our dedication to quality and continuous improvement that enables TASUS to consistently provide precision manufactured products to our customers time and time again.


Quality Lab / Environmental

Test Equipment:

  • Basic Environmental Test Equipment

  • Tensile/Compression Testers

  • FT-IR Analysis Tester (Infrared Spectroscopy)

  • Moisture Analysis Testers

  • Surface Roughness Test

  • Digital Force and Torque Testing Equipment

  • Thermo Imaging Cameras

  • Spectrophotometers

  • Densitometers

  • Ultrasonic Generator

  • Abrasion Tester

  • Particle Contamination Tester

  • Radiometer

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

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