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TASUS Bloomington Indiana Tsuchiya Group North America In-Mold Decoration IMD

TASUS employs multiple secondary processes for the decoration of injection molded automotive components, including screen and pad printing, and hot stamping. Beyond these secondary processes and in the spirit of continuous improvement In-Mold Decoration (IMD) techniques are used for reduced production time by reducing the number of secondary processes required. These methods include automated insertion of in-mold foils and insert molding of both flat and preformed films. Multiple colors can be decorated in a single operation, offering significant improvement over traditional pad-printing techniques.



Insert-Mold Decoration (IMD) is the process of inserting a graphic overlay into an injection mold, uniting the advantages of functional and unique graphics with plastic molded components, becoming an integral part of the assembly. Ranging from the simple bonding of printed labels during the molding process, to the use of a screen printed or hard coated film, we manufacture exclusive products utilizing custom techniques. The IMD process is cost effective, as accuracy is increased and wasteful steps are eliminated.



Our IMD technique involves the injection of molten resin into a specially designed mold, in which a label becomes an integral attribute of the plastic wall of the molded part. It is then developed into a semi-permanent imbedded component of the object. This specialized process reduces costs by eliminating expensive adhesives.

TASUS Tsuchiya Group In-Mold Decoration IMD Insert Mold
TASUS Bloomington Indiana Tsuchiya Group In-Mold Decoration IMD Transfer Type


TASUS Tsuchiya Group North America In-Mold Decoration IMD Thermoforming


Thermoforming consists of a film held in a rigid frame and heated to its plastic flow point. A combination of vacuum, air, and mechanics forces the film into the correct shape. Benefits include; greater design flexibility, improved recyclability of materials, selection of finish options, including texturing, lower costs than traditional methods, option for backlighting.

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