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TASUS Bloomington Indiana Florence Alabama Tsuchiya Group North America Culture


​The team at TASUS believes and practices a Kaizen working culture, exhibiting longevity and success despite decades of industry and environmental change. Our adaptive values and continuous improvement efforts have endured economic highs & lows, political turmoil, global market shifts, in addition to numerous potential challenges. We not only embrace change, we create it!​

We credit our record of quality, delivery performance, commitment to cost-reduction, and exceptional service, to our Kaizen working culture.


  • the most important people in our business

  • not dependent upon us, we are dependent upon them

  • not an interruption to our work day, they are the purpose of it

  • not outsiders to our business, they are the most important part of it

  • people who bring us their needs—it is our job to satisfy those needs and to do so profitably for them

Our Commitment Statement epitomizes our Tsuchiya North America companies at their core. Essentially, it is our customers and employees who are the most important people in our business. We value their knowledge, experience, and feedback—all important hallmarks of the Toyota Production System. Ultimately, they enable us to become a learning organization through relentless reflection (hansei) and continuous improvement (kaizen). As a current or potential customer of TASUS, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of our team.


They will provide you with innovation, quality, and customer service beyond reproach. And, they will develop a relationship with you and your company that is a true, long-term partnership. The wide range of products provided by our global companies, coupled with the talents of our innovative design and engineering teams, will do all that is possible to meet your product and market needs. We look forward to a long-lived, mutually fruitful relationship.


​At TASUS, we value our community, whether that means our employees and their families or the larger local communities we are apart of. TASUS finds ways to get involved and give back through community service and sponsorship. TASUS is a proud sponsor of the Bachelor Middle School and Stinesville robotics teams, where we encourage children to develop an early enthusiasm for STEM. TASUS employees also engage in community events such as Ivy Tech’s annual O’Bannon Day of Service. 

A Culture of Continuous Improvement


Kaizen is an integral part of our company culture. It emphasizes quality which needs gradual and perpetual improvement toward the pursuit of perfection. The basic principle of this philosophy is a continuous engagement and continuous improvement of performance, products, and services; thus greater attention is paid toward the requirements of the customer.

We recognize individual contributions, yet we promote teams, teamwork, and team spirit. Kaizen accentuates the engagement of each worker to the bigger picture concept and vision of the organization, so that they will identify themselves with the company, its culture, and objectives.


We employ the Principles of Kaizen:

  • saying no to status quo, implementing new methods

  • if something is wrong, we correct it

  • accepting no excuses and make things happen

  • improving everything continuously

  • abolishing old, traditional concepts

  • being economical – saving money through improvements and investing in further improvements

  • empowering everyone to take part in problem solving

  • before making decisions, we ask “why” five times

  • getting information and opinions from multiple sources

  • we remember that improvement has no limits – we never stop trying to improve


TASUS Tsuchiya Group North America Kaizen Culture
TASUS Bloomington Indiana Florence Alabama Tsuchiya Group North America TPS Culture Toyota Production System



Our Toyota Production System teams follow the TPS principles with a steadfast eye toward continuous improvement. By tapping employee ingenuity, we are able to carry these principles throughout our facilities and ensure we maintain the highest quality in our workmanship, production levels, and quality in all of our products and processes.


  • continuous improvement of assembly methods for each program

  • improvement of production methods

  • reduction in company medical costs

  • efficiency in process of changing molds

  • helping our suppliers succeed

  • effective program launches

  • employee training programs and TPS education

  • improvements and reduction in warehouse space usage

  • continuous developments for improved quality

  • waste reduction

  • equipment and press re-arrangement for improved plant and production “flow”​

TASUS Tsuchiya Group North America TPS Culture Toyota Production System


Our group at TASUS Corporation and our employees have truly become “learning organizations.” It is through constant reflection that we continue to better ourselves and our operations and offer the same opportunity to our customers and suppliers.

Employee TPS Training


At TASUS, our training of TPS is completely voluntary and employee-driven. It is due to this structure that we now have 9 internal trainers in Bloomington, Indiana who are helping to sustain and spread the TPS culture throughout TASUS. Additionally, our newest facility in Florence, Alabama, is implementing TPS.

Customer / Supplier TPS Training


Our offer for training does not stop with our own employees, but is extended to our customers, suppliers, and community. It is our belief that once employees understand the philosophy behind TPS, they can make daily contributions to make the company stronger. The cumulative effect of every employee doing their small part each day is what has made our companies strong, and we offer that same knowledge to assist in further strengthening our customer and supplier companies.

TASUS Tsuchiya Group North America Environmental Policy

Our dedication does not stop at providing our customers world-class quality and outstanding service; TASUS Corporation possesses a steadfast commitment to environmental and community responsibility.

TASUS Tsuchiya Group North America Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

TASUS is committed to be a good corporate citizen and to comply with legislative, regulatory, customer and other requirements.

We will…

  • be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the community, act to correct conditions that impact the environment

  • commit to a prevention of pollution program and achieve our environmental objectives

  • re-evaluate environmental objectives and targets each year based on the previous year’s results and trends

  • never be satisfied with the status quo and work to continually improve

  • ensure employee awareness of our policy and objectives and include employees as an integral part of the process


  • execution of full recycling program including: plastics, metals, pallets, cardboard, paper, and shrink wrap cutting landfill waste by two-thirds

  • reduction in electrical usage through power-down programs, including machinery, lighting, PC’s, server virtualization, and air leak monitoring

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