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Big Brothers, Big Sisters Tour TASUS Plant

October 20, 2014

Bloomington, IN– The manufacturing industry is in need of young talent that can lead the next generation of manufacturing. Among the youth there has been a lack of interest in manufacturing and this has made it difficult to find trained technicians. TASUS is putting forth an effort to combat this problem by reaching out to children and young adults to educate them on the opportunities available in manufacturing. TASUS recently hosted the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of South Central Indiana for a plant tour. This tour served as an opportunity to demonstrate the work done at a manufacturing plant and educate the group on the career opportunities available.

Due to the negative connotations associated with manufacturing there are very few young men and women interested in entering this industry. This has led to an average welder’s age to be over 55 years old. This indicates that most of the trained technicians working in the manufacturing industry will be retiring over the next two decades. The manufacturing industry has become more focused on complexity and quality, both of which require highly skilled technicians. TASUS was able to share some of the positive aspects of manufacturing with the children and their “Bigs”. Many of them left with a new way of thinking about manufacturing. The children were able to see the robotics and engineering that goes into making a part, sparking some interest. It is of the utmost importance to grow the interest in the next generation and rebuild a strong manufacturing workforce. The Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization thanked TASUS for the tour and spoke of how enjoyable it was. The relationship between the two organizations will continue to grow over the years, as TASUS looks to continue to foster the growth of the next generation of workers in the manufacturing industry. If you are interested in joining or donating to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization just follow the link to their website.


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