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Employee Feature: Daniel Davidson

July 20, 2017

Georgetown,TX- Daniel Davidson has been a material handler at TASUS for a little over a year and a half. He says the best part is of his job is the people he works with, and the many benefits TASUS has to offer.

Daniel likes to read in his free time as well as play board games. He also likes to explore the outdoors, camping is one of his favorite hobbies. Daniel’s favorite food is pineapple pizza. You go Daniel! Pineapple on your pizza has become quite the controversial issue. The person who inspires Daniel most is not one person but two, as he listed both of his parents as his biggest inspiration.

If he could go anywhere on vacation, Daniel would tour Great Britain. Daniel’s love of Great Britain extends to his movie choices as well. His favorite movie is Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, starring Russell Crowe. The movie is about a ship captain in the royal navy during the Napoleonic wars. Sounds like a great movie!

Thanks for being a fantastic part of our team Daniel!


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