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Employee Feature: Denny Tester

August 4, 2017

Florence, AL- Denny Tester is the plant manager at the Alabama facility and has been the manager for a little under three years. Denny is a people person, he can be seen walking the floor with a smile on his face and offering words of encouragement to employees. The best part of his job is when employees get their “light bulb” moment. This means they work through a challenge and overcome things they might not have thought themselves capable of.

Denny has a variety of interests such as classic cars and the outdoors, but his biggest being his family! He has been married to his wife Sally Ann, for 26 years and they have four wonderful children together. His oldest son Jacob is married and serving in the Navy. He and his wife are currently stationed at the Norfolk Virginia Naval Base. His other son Jeremy is a veteran of the army and just recently finished.

Some may know his oldest daughter Eve as she worked at the Alabama plant for a period of time. She is actively serving as a Physical Therapist in the Air Force, stationed at Keesler AFB. Denny’s youngest daughter Abigail is a senior at Florence high school and is an excellent cook. Speaking of cooks, Denny’s special talent is his meat smoking skills.

Denny pulls much of his inspiration from terrific family, he said his grandfather was one of the biggest inspirations in his life. He is also inspired by his children, and his management team. He also feels people who want more out of life and don’t settle for where they are, inspire him as well.

The positivity Denny has reflects in all aspects of his life as his favorite movie is Forest Gump. Many people would agree the movie is their favorite as well. When asked where his dream vacation would be, Denny didn’t pick some exotic spot, but chose the mountains. He wants to disconnect for two weeks, with people and electronics. His goal is to get more in touch with nature.

Thanks to Denny for taking time out of his day to interview, also a special thanks to his children for their service to our country.


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