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Employee Feature: Heather Krout

November 20, 2017

Bloomington, IN- Heather Krout has been with TASUS for over 16 years. The thing Heather likes best about her job is that she came into the Trading Division early in its inception and has assisted in its growth. She finds it very rewarding to watch it gain momentum. Since she moved over to the division roughly 4 years ago she has watched it grow to five to six times its annual sales. Heather feels it speaks to the amount of growth that TASUS can offer, not only in business, but career advancement as well.

Heather is married, with one very spoiled 10 year old daughter Maddie. As for hobbies or interests, Heather said she doesn’t really have any at the moment as she stays busy with a lot of different things and she has branded herself a reluctant, perpetual volunteer. She gets wrapped up in projects that usually involve her daughter Maddie, such as managing the Mitchell Marlins Swim Team for her town’s youth during the summer. She also is a 4H mentor for her daughter’s robotics team, delivers Meals on Wheels once a month, and participates on a couple of boards through her church.

Pictured above are some of Heather’s projects and her family!

Currently, Heather is in graduate school, but hopes to find some time to read more books and work on genealogy research regarding her family line. Her special talent is bringing to life her daughter’s crazy ideas such as goodies she wants to hand out on holidays, or a Halloween costume. A dream vacation for Heather would be where she does absolutely nothing. She wants a pretty place with interesting things to look at, no cooking or cleaning, and a big pile of books.

Her favorite foods are Tiramisu and Cannoli, but she tries to stay away from them. As far as a favorite movie Heather didn’t have a favorite, but she is a sucker for the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. A Lot of people are! Heather has a really positive outlook. She finds inspiration from everyone, and feels there’s something to learn from everyone good or bad. What you do with that is what’s important.

Thanks for being a great part of the TASUS team Heather!


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