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Employee Feature: Pamela Miller

November 11, 2016

Georgetown,TX- Pamela Miller has worked at TASUS for two years and there are a lot of reasons she enjoys her job. She is able to interact daily with different departments, work with her hands, work with a great team and know at the end of the day she has made a difference.

In her free time Pamela keeps herself very busy! She has two Great Danes, Samson and Zoey, she adores (pictured above). She likes passing the football with her boys. She really enjoys (and is very talented at) cooking and baking. Another one of her talents is painting Christmas ornaments. Pamela also enjoys reading Sci-Fi novels, solving puzzles and painting.

Pamela is also a big hockey fan and her favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings! If she could travel anywhere she would go to Ireland to the next Daugherty Clan Gathering. She’s a meat and potatoes girl who also enjoys bread. When it comes to movies it doesn’t matter to Pamela as long as it’s Marvel!

She is inspired by her big, wonderful family and all her friends. Pamela has been married to Denny for 16 years and they have 14 year old twin boys, Tristen and Ty. She also has a beautiful 37 year old daughter Tiffany who is not only her best friend, but has blessed her with 5 grandchildren.

Thank you Pamela for being a great part of the TASUS team!


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