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Employee Feature:Sonya Shahan

September 29, 2017

Bloomington, IN- Sonya Shahan has been a part of the TASUS family for 18 years! Her favorite part of working at TASUS is the challenges she faces everyday.She also really enjoys the people she works with.

Sonya keeps her hands busy in her free time with crafting, crocheting, and she also recently started woodworking. Her special talent is singing, and she says her husband loves to hear her sing. What’s Sonya’s favorite food you ask? Pizza X breadsticks!

Sonya has two favorite movies “While you were sleeping” and “Christmas Kiss”. When asked about her dream vacation she said she would to go to Florida to see the Holy Land Experience, and to see the ocean.

Pictured above are Sonya’s horses, dogs, and cat. It looks like she has a full house.

Sonya has been married 28 years and has one 25 year old daughter and two step children. Her biggest inspirations are her husband and parents.

Sonya, thanks for being a great part of our team!


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