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Expanding Operations in Indiana

January 29, 2014

photo: additional 9,000 square foot facility to be used for Tsuchiya Group North America Operations

Bloomington, IN – TASUS has announced their expansion in Indiana, and the state could not be happier. Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan told the Indiana Economic Development Corporation “The importance of retaining the North American headquarters of TASUS Corporation in Bloomington and Monroe County cannot be overstated. We greatly appreciate the significant state of Indiana support for TASUS as well as the confidence TASUS has shown in our community as the location for the company’s continued growth.” The Indiana Economic Development Corporation, which replaced the Department of Commerce, announced in a press release that TASUS was offered $120,000 in conditional tax credits and an additional $380,000 in training grants for job expansion.

TASUS currently employs 180 Hoosiers and will invest $2.1 Million to renovate and expand their operations in Bloomington. TASUS President Melanie Hart discussed the expansion saying “Looking forward, as a company we knew we had to expand, our distributed products division was growing and we physically needed more space. I’m pleased that we were able to keep that growth here in Indiana; we are well placed geographically to reach our customers and continue growing with the help of our skilled workforce.”

If you are interested in joining the TASUS team follow the link to our Career Opportunities page and if you would like to read the entire press release from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation click on the link at the bottom of the page.


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