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Long List of Volunteers North of the Border

May 1, 2014

Hamilton, Ontario–At TASUS we practice a Kaizen culture emphasizing continuous improvement. This is not limited to merely internal improvement. TASUS employees are encouraged to continuously improve their work, health, and also their communities. TASUS Canada employees have done a tremendous job donating their time and money to improve their communities. Congratulations and thank you to all employees who have given their time to help those in their community.

Education Volunteers

Helping schools is always a great way to contribute to your communities. We have two great examples of this at TASUS Canada, and both very different. Richard Savoy, an operator in our roll label area, was very creative in his giving. He contacted the Hamilton District School Board (both Catholic and Public), and made arrangements to donate unusable materials and empty film tubes from TASUS Canada for use in school art projects. Richard points out that not only are we helping the schools, but we are reducing the trash we send to the landfill. A great way to help the community in two ways at once!

Krista Caruso, an inspector volunteers her time as a chaperone for her daughters school field trips. She helps the teacher manage the students, and encourages anyone interested in helping out at their local school to just inquire at the school; there is always a need!

Giving our Youth Extra Support

Christina Fabiani, Quality Assurance Tech at TASUS Canada, volunteers a minimum of 4 hours per week one-on-one with a student to enhance their literacy skills (both reading and writing) through the Hamilton Literacy Council. Christina loves this organization because they truly care about providing adults with lifelong learning literacy skills that will enhance their lives at work and outside of work.

Tony Centrito spends his days working through design and development challenges at TASUS Canada as part of the management team; however, he spends his early mornings working with the Breakfast Club of Canada to give children a proper and nutritious start to their day.

Bill Hartsgrove, Ink Technician, volunteers with the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. He is the chairperson and treasurer of the sponsor support committee. Bill enjoys seeing youth, aged 12 – 19 years of age, grow into responsible, caring, leaders of the future. If you are interested, visit the Army Cadet League website.

Savorn Lim, Hibosscal Press Operator, sponsored a child named Maria from Mexico for 5 years. This sponsorship gave Maria and her family much needed support when the family was in need. Maria was 5 years old when Savorn started contributing to her through World Vision Canada. Savorn encourages all to visit the World Vision website, or call 1-888-511-6548.

Ismeta Covic, Hisbosscal Presss Operator, donates her time assisting with children’s dance performances; selling tickets, ushering and preparing costumes pre-performance. She also finds time to sing and dance with this group whose performances raise funds for the community. Another activity she enjoys is participating in the Climb for Cancer. This year’s climb is on May 10th to register go to the Climb for Cancer website.

Sports and Fitness Volunteers

Todd Brandwood, Sales Account Executive, volunteers countless hours coaching the famous (and very challenging) sport of Curling. He coaches students under the age of 20. What’s remarkable is that Todd has been coaching for 10 years, and he has been a curler for over 35 years! It’s a big time commitment, but with both of his daughters in this Junior League, it also gives him a chance to spend quality time with them.

Marlyn Archambault, Purchasing and Materials Manager, puts her volunteer efforts into soccer, both as a volunteer assistant coach in the Haldimond Youth Soccer Association, and in fund raising for the Sparta Soccer Club. In addition Marlyn gives donations of money to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Marion Roggeband, Product Inspector, is a hike leader, trail captain (inspecting and clearing sections of trail), and volunteers as a check point person for the Annual Laura Secord Hike and the Fort to Fort Hike. If you are interested in this and live in the Hamilton area, you might want to visit the Bruce Trail Conservancy website.

David Stamp, Production Manager, volunteers at a gym (very aptly named ‘Hardbodies Fitness Centre’). He sets up water stations for local marathons, and hands out water as participants run or walk past the stations.

Nick Brucculeri is our night shift Lead Hand. He volunteers with the Hamilton Hub Hockey Association. Nick has been a coach and trainer for 9 years. Every year they pick a charity and hold a game where the kids raise money for that charity. Last year they chose Breast Cancer and raised over $5,000. The previous year they gave out Christmas gifts to ill children at McMasterHospital. They also participated in a special skate with a young boy dying from a neuromuscular disorder. This boy had previously been denied the opportunity to go out on the ice during a public skate at an ice rink. Not only did they get him out on the ice and ‘skate’ with him, but they also arranged for him to attend a Bull Dogs vs. Rochester Americans hockey game that evening!

Working With The Elderly and Under Privileged

Pamela Salter, Inspector, CNC operator and Mold Polisher, volunteers at her church helping with events for the elderly and underprivileged. Pamela helps set up, take down and do dishes for community dinners they serve the elderly and underprivileged members of her community.

Last but certainly not least, Tracy Dalton, Accounts Payable and Payroll Clerk, has donated blood 50 times to the Canadian Blood Services. Tracy has been donating for years; it only takes one hour every 56 days. You can find a donation center by calling 1-888-236-6283.

Great job TASUS employees!


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