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Melanie Walker inducted to IU Board of Trustees

August 15, 2016

Bloomington, IN- On August 11th, Tsuchiya Group North America and TASUS CEO Melanie Walker was sworn in as a member of the Indiana University Board of Trustees. She was sworn in along side Quinn Buckner, former professional basketball player and now color analyst for the Pacers. Melanie’s daughter Stormy was a part of the ceremony, holding the bible for both Melanie and Quinn as they were sworn in. The bible had significant meaning to Indiana University as it was former Indiana University President Herman B. Wells most prized possession. Melanie’s term on the board lasts three years.

You can learn more about the induction, and Melanie’s experience by clicking here.

Congratulations to Melanie on the induction, and a special thanks for her involvement in local education!


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