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New employees receive TPS toolkits for success

October 29, 2014

Bloomington, IN– TASUS practices and teaches each new employee the Toyota Production System principles. As one way to introduce new employees to the TPS principles we provide them with a “tool kit for success”. This kit features many concepts from TPS principles. The kit includes a notepad for jotting down ideas, at TASUS we say small improvements, big impact. The notepad allows employees share ideas they have throughout the day with the management team. The toolkit for success also includes a TPS pen. This was designed by the TASUS marketing department and includes a pullout banner with all 14 TPS principles listed. This is served as a visual indicator to aid the learning of the principles for new employees. Using visual indicators is TPS principle 7, so at TASUS we have used TPS to teach TPS.

While establishing what would be included in the new employee kit Director of Marketing Jay Brown reached out to the author of “The Toyota Way”, Jeffrey Liker for his input. Liker thought the kit, and the banner pens specifically, were great ways to share the TPS principles with employees. Liker thought the pens were such a good idea he has asked that we send him some for his own use. TASUS began utilizing the TPS principles in 2006 at the Indiana facility. Now all TASUS facilities utilize, promote, and teach TPS principles to employees. The plants have TPS training sessions led by fellow employees who have previously been through the training. This serves as a way to expand employee knowledge, improve efficiency, and create buy-in for the company philosophy and culture.


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