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Perfect PPM score with HINO

March 21, 2014

Hamilton, Ontario – As 2014 rolls on TASUS continues to receive performance scorecards from the various companies we supply. Our most recent report was from HINO, and much like the report from Toyota it contained good news. TASUS can proudly boast a PPM of 0 for all of 2013 with HINO. This is a great achievement and one we are very proud of. An accomplishment of this type is rare for HINO suppliers because the volume of parts supplied is relatively low compared to other companies, so even one bad part can drastically affect the PPM and performance report. At TASUS we strive for perfection so we can provide the highest quality for our customers. We practice a Kaizen work culture at TASUS, which emphasizes perpetual improvement toward the pursuit of perfection. While these results are very exciting TASUS never stops continuously improving for our customers.


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