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Select USA Summit – Washington D.C.

November 1, 2013

Bloomington, Indiana – Melanie Hart, President and CEO of Tsuchiya Group North America and the TASUS companies joins President Barack Obama at the SelectUSA Summit 2013. Preeminent business leaders from around the country, global investors, state and local representatives and high-level U.S. Government officials will convene to explore investment opportunities and learn more about resources available to support business investment in the United States. Andrew Liveris-President Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical, Bill Simon-President and CEO Walmart, David Steel-Executive Vice President Samsung Electronics North America, Alfred Spector-Vice President of Research and Special Initiatives, Google will join Hart along with representatives from 47 states among others. The summit will feature over 1,200 participants including 630 foreign companies from 59 different countries including attendance by Koichi Ohara President Tsuchiya Company Ltd., Nagoya Japan. Tsuchiya continues to make significant investment in the U.S. market with now four manufacturing facilities and recent addition of a distributed products division. Those in attendance and speaking on behalf of Tsuchiya and TASUS will share thoughts and insight of best practices for investment and growth in the U.S. marketplace.


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