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Shoals Area Ranked #1 City for Manufacturing Jobs

August 25, 2014

Florence, AL– A recent study conducted by named the Florence-Muscle Shoals as the No. 1 city for manufacturing jobs in 2014. This study looks at where businesses are already building manufacturing facilities, while many other studies look at various indexes to determine where businesses will want to go. This is a true indicator of the attractiveness of a community for these type of jobs. Additionally, the number of people employed in the shoals area has increased by 35% over the last ten years. Much of this success in attracting businesses is credited to the local governments willingness to help businesses who move there. The Shoals area has developed an economic development fund through a small tax, with the revenues used solely for business developments.

TASUS built a new facility in the Shoals area last year creating 135 jobs for the area. As part of the agreement to build a facility in the area, the Shoals Economic Development fund paid $385,000 towards the costs of construction. When speaking ab0ut the opening of the TASUS AL facility, Plant Manager Tony Zajacz said “The community has been very helpful to us”.


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