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TASUS Alabama Equipped for a Dynamic Future

January 22, 2014

Florence, Alabama–TASUS’s new 104,000 square-foot facility in Florence, Alabama has been equipped for the dynamic nature of the automotive supplier business and prepared for future growth.

Director of technical development Robbie Elliot told Plastics Technology, “We are a custom molder so everything is subject to change at a moment’s notice”, that is why TASUS has installed Novatec’s flexible material drying and handling system. This equipment allows TASUS to adjust the size of the drying hoppers, as well as place an additional hopper anywhere in its line, while using technology to control and monitor the dew levels ensuring perfect drying for the products. This allows for different sized batches, as well as precise drying during the manufacturing process for different custom molds.

Novatec’s drying system not only allows for flexibility in the type of custom molds, but also allows for future expansion. Elliot went on to say “We have laid out a plan for growth, reserving floor and overhead space for future equipment. The building plans show future drying, chilling and compressed air equipment in place, so when we do add more molding equipment the auxiliary equipment will be plug and play.” The simplicity of increasing production with this system is key to an easy and successful expansion when needed. Another reason why Novatec was the system TASUS chose is because they offer user friendly software that offers modern features such as control from wireless devices such as tablets and Smartphones to work with the drying system. This decreases the time spent relearning new software for the equipment expansion while allowing easier control. TASUS is now equipped for the future and prepared for the company to continue to grow in the automotive industry.

TASUS along with Elliot were featured in an article covering this on the Plastics Technology website. If you would like to read the article follow the link at the bottom of this page:


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