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TASUS Alabama Grand Opening – automotive plastic component manufacturing unfolds

October 29, 2013

Florence, Alabama – TASUS Corporation, recently finished construction on a new $8 million injection molding manufacturing facility in Florence, Alabama. Production began earlier this month with a grand opening ceremony that took place on October 29th.

The company, which manufactures plastic injection molded automotive components for nearly all North American automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers, began hiring in September 2012 while beginning production in a temporary facility until the new 104,000 square foot facility was completed. The facility currently employs 56 full time staff and will grow to 180 as the plant nears capacity.

“This is a facility that falls right in line with the TASUS business model. We plan to replicate our successes in Indiana and Texas right here in Alabama,” said Hart. “With our other manufacturing plants nearing capacity we have already began to transfer $8 million in current business to Florence and expect to produce $10 million in sales in the coming year.”

TASUS Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan-based Tsuchiya Company Limited. TASUS is headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana and has additional manufacturing facilities in Georgetown,Texas and Hamilton, Ontario Canada. TASUS’ 500 employees currently produce 52 million plastic automotive components annually.


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