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TASUS Celebrates Its Veterans

November 17, 2016

TASUS celebrated Veterans Day on November 11th! We would like to extend a thank you to all those who have served and are serving but an even more special thank you to our TASUS Veterans listed below.

You are a great part of our team and your service to our country is greatly appreciated.

Kenneth Bush

Josh Myers

Eric Sparks

Anthea Thompson

JT Trousdale

Johnny Ward

Allen Birdyshaw

Antonio Bonds

Mark Foote

John Garrison

Brian Jorgensen

Taylor Rikard

Jeffrey Seymour

Adam Beld

Aretha Thompson

Walter Barkalow

David Beetem

Janie Enteman

Mark Franklin

Ricky Graham

Phillip McNulty

Richard Johnson

Phillip Medina

Jim Ramien

Johnny Rios

Edwin Robles

Jim Schuchert

John Welch

Antonio Adviento

Michael Sullivan

Lester Dickerson

Paul Holmes

Calvin Howard

Mike Shahan

Doreen Weber

Jeff Fouch

Rusty Merriman

Richard Miller

Chris Fouch

Kevin Middleton

Doug Eller

Joseph Abram

Bill Kantmann


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