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TASUS Connects with Innovators of Tomorrow

February 21, 2014

On Thursday February 20, 2014 TASUS was represented by two corporate team members at the Vincennes University job fair. TASUS representatives were very excited to be at the fair and meet the innovators of tomorrow. Vincennes University has excellent programs which prepare students to become professionals. At the job fair TASUS representatives found there was an abundance of students interested in the company.

The majority of students interested in TASUS found the proximity of the plant as a benefit. TASUS is only a one hour commute for students who live on or near the campus. This is appealing because many of the students have established themselves and their families in the Vincennes area. Many students also expressed concern about the availability for favorable shift schedules. For individuals who have started a family it is difficult to agree to work second and third shifts when they will miss out on many family events. With TASUS there is not a waitlist to get favorable shifts like some manufacturers. These two factors were critical for TASUS at the job fair as many students found it much more appealing when learning of this and requested more information on careers.

TASUS representatives were also excited upon their departure from the Vincennes University. At the job fair TASUS received a stack of resumes from hardworking, qualified students. There were many students who commented on the equipment shown in the video on display at the TASUS booth. Seeing the equipment being used at TASUS excited students because it resembled the type of equipment they saw in the robotics program. These students are in a great position to step into a career and succeed right away. Vincennes has provided these students with information and training that translates directly to the jobs they want. The students recognizing and being excited by the equipment TASUS uses is just one example of how they are prepared for real jobs, and not just college assignments.

TASUS representatives agreed there was an abundance of talent at the job fair and potential for some students to become valuable members of the TASUS team. TASUS understands the future of manufacturing lies with young innovative talent, and this job fair proved to be a successful way to find those individuals.


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