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TASUS connects with neighbor Ivy Tech

April 21, 2015

Bloomington, IN– TASUS continuously looks for ways to encourage and find young adults to join the manufacturing industry to decrease the skilled labor gap. Recently TASUS attended a career fair at Ivy Tech, neighbor to our Bloomington, Indiana plant. The event was filled with promising young professionals seeking careers in various industries.

The career fair served as a way to connect with students and faculty alike. Many students showed interest in joining the TASUS team, leaving resumes and inquiring about applications. Ivy Tech instructors also reached out to better strengthen ties between the college and TASUS. Thanks to this career fair TASUS will be attending a session of student portfolio presentations to critique, judge, and connect with more students. The portfolio presentations will serve as a platform for students to demonstrate the valuable experience and skills they gained during their time at Ivy Tech.

For additional information follow the link to the Ivy Tech website.


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