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TASUS Employee Mentors Student to Success

May 31, 2017

Georgetown, Texas- For the past six years, TASUS employee Kim Mundy has been mentoring a young girl, Lakendra weekly on her lunch break. Lakendra recently graduated high school on May 24th and in the fall will be attending Austin Community College, where she wants to get her LPN. Eventually, she wants to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then become a labor and delivery nurse.

In her graduation paragraph, when talking about overcoming obstacles and her personal growth, Lakendra wrote to Kim:

“My mentor, Kim Mundy, who has seen me at my lowest points from 6th grade to my senior year. I’ve grown so much since then and she has contributed and helped me through my trials and tribulations of high school and just life in general. I truly thank you Kim!”

Kim has really embodied our culture of giving back to the community, and this truly highlights her caring, generosity and the effect it has had on someone else’s life. Thank you Kim for making a difference, and being such a great part of the TASUS family!


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