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TASUS employees stay busy with volunteerism

April 1, 2014

TASUS enjoys sharing the volunteerism stories of our great employees. This month we are pleased to share with you the stories of three employees, all managers, who dedicated their time and money to help those in need around them. At TASUS we are fortunate to have managers who exemplify leadership both within the company, as well as the community.

Amy Murphy, Human Resources Manager at TASUS Alabama, is involved in a variety of charities. She participates in the Relay for Life, an American Cancer Society event. She works as a counselor for single parents and their children in a local divorce care program. Amy also volunteers to serve at the Shoals Area Soup Kitchen and is a sponsor of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Amy stays very busy, but that is not all. She also is a Sunday School teacher for 7th and 8th grade girls. TASUS is extremely proud of her initiative. Amy has also been involved with the new TPS Community Involvement team at TASUS Alabama, which has great plans for being active in the community helping those in need.

Bob Fisher, our recently promoted Materials Manager at TASUS Alabama, serves on the Board of Directors for The ARC of the Shoals. The ARC of the Shoals is an organization that serves adults with developmental disabilities and their families. The organization provides many services to those individuals and their families such as a training center, work center, residential services, and recreational programs. Bob volunteers for the Special Olympics, at holiday parties, and many other events for the clients of ARC. As a member of the Board of Directors Bob enjoys helping the organization make important decisions pertaining to the organization and how they can continue to effectively serve their clients. If you are interested in helping Bob and the ARC of Shoals visit .

Last but not least Karen Dunn, Human Resources Manager TASUS Canada, offers her services to the Ontario Equestrian Federation (OER). Karen writes lesson plans for grades 3 and 4 to raise interest and teach children about horses and the equestrian sport as a precursor to attending field trips by the schools to fall fairs. Karen says she understands the opportunity these fields can mean to these children. Karen says she grew up a “city kid” who always enjoyed the annual trip to the Royal Winter Fair. If you are interested in serving this organization or utilizing their services visit .

On behalf of TASUS we would like to thank these employees and all others who have volunteered time or gave back to the community in some capacity. We look forward to sharing all the future acts of kindness by our team members.


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