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TASUS facility donates 760 lbs. of food

November 25, 2014

Georgetown, TX—All TASUS facilities participate in food drives around the holidays in an effort to give back to the community. The TASUS facility located in Georgetown, TX typically creates a competition out the food drive, comparing the donations of each shift. This helps to boost participation and ultimately bring in the most food. This year the facility donated a total of 760 pounds of food.

It was a close competition between the 2nd shift and the administrative staff. The second shift prevailed by donating a total of 278 pounds. The administrative staff was not far behind with 233 pounds. One second shift employee, Sandy Hargis, was the difference maker in the end. Hargis donated 45 pounds of potatoes herself, in what turned out to be the winning margin. Regardless of who wins the internal competition the goal is to raise as much food as possible to help those in the community. We are glad to have been able to give back and make a difference, and we look forward to beating this donation amount next year.


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