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TASUS going places with Toyota

March 5, 2014

Bloomington, Indiana – TASUS has recently received the annual performance report from Toyota Motor Corp. It is all good news for the Tsuchiya Group North America companies and Toyota. The TASUS companies shipped over 4 million parts to Toyota with a 100% of deliveries on-time. In addition through use of the Toyota Production System and a mantra of Quality Right the First Time TASUS employees were able to achieve an average 1.7PPM across all companies; a success rate of 99.999825% on time and defect free. The typical PPM goal set by Toyota is 15PPM.

Through use of TPS and continuous improvement the employees of TASUS can stand proud that they have been able to successfully meet Toyota’s goal of 15PPM for the last decade. TASUS has had such a low rate of part problems that Toyota has decreased the goal from 15 to 5PPM and looks like TASUS is well positioned to continue to reach that goal for Toyota.


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