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TASUS hosts Manufacturing Day October 7th

September 26, 2016

Georgetown, Texas- On October 7th, TASUS will be participating in Manufacturing Day at our Georgetown, Texas facility. Manufacturing day educates people on careers available in the industry, debunks popular misconceptions about manufacturing, and helps address the issue of the growing skilled labor shortage companies are experiencing.

Manufacturing Day in Georgetown has relied on the collaboration of many people. TASUS has partnered with local high schools, colleges, manufacturers, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce,the Texas Workforce Commission and the Georgetown Committee of Education to plan a successful manufacturing day.

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce has declared that October 7th is their official Manufacturing Day. TASUS will host around a 120 students mostly comprised of seniors from the local high school. Transportation for manufacturing day has been provided by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work on this amazing project!

If you are interested in finding more information about Manufacturing Day please click here.


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