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TASUS manufactures a successful day

October 14, 2016

Georgetown,TX- TASUS hosted its first manufacturing day on October 7th at our Texas Facility. TASUS and several other local manufacturing companies opened their doors for a day filled with learning for students and the community.

The event had over 120 students that attended from East View High School and Georgetown High School. Plant Manager Steve Wilson, Quality Manager Patricia Ramien, Tooling & Automation Manager Mark Coburn, and Material Manager Robbie Grace all contributed to the presentation given to the students to highlight different aspects of TASUS and manufacturing careers in general.

Following the TASUS presentation, Texas State Technical College representative Sherri Arrington spoke to students about technical careers as well as what the college has to offer.

Students then toured the TASUS plant with the help of TASUS staff Mike Richmond, Teri Nesuda, Kim Mundy and Brandon Frey. Stacy Kelsaw and Rhonda Smith worked behind the scenes with set up and direction throughout the day.

Without the efforts from the entire team this day never could have happened. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making Manufacturing Day a success. And a special thank you to Tracy Jackson for being the driving force behind it all!


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