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TASUS nominated for Ethics in Business and Community Award

April 20, 2015

Georgetown, TX– TASUS Corporation was chosen as a finalist for the Ethics in Business and Community Award presented by RecognizeGood. This award is given to a company that demonstrates ethical practices in their official dealings and day-to-day activities.

The Ethics in Business and Community Award was first awarded in 1991. The criteria for this award requires a company to be respectful, fair, honest, strive for justice, and embrace sustainability. Nominees for the award are vetted by Concordia University business students studying ethical principles. The findings of these students determine the finalist, which are then judged by an independent selection committee. The winners will be announced on May 21st.

RecognizeGood is a local nonprofit organization which provides means for individuals, businesses, and other nonprofits to share their charitable acts and community service. RecognizeGood states their mission is to elevate the spirit of the community, illuminating good in the community.

Learn more about RecognizeGood and their programs by following the link below.


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