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TASUS Nominated for Processor of the Year award

September 12, 2014

Every year Plastics News awards one company with the North American Processor of the Year award. This is a distinguished award in which you must be a truly well rounded company to win. This year TASUS Corporation has been fortunate enough to be nominated for the award. This award not only gives a company the title as the best processor but also supplies a great deal of exposure. Winners are featured on the front page of Plastics News, recognized during the Plastics News Executive Forum, and given a large trophy to show off. The winner must prove to judges they are exceptional in seven different categories. These categories encompass nearly all facets of a business and range from financial performance to customer relations to community relations. At TASUS we believe we are an exceptional company through and through. We believe in building relationships with all of the people involved in the company. This does not only include employees and stakeholders, but also our customers, suppliers, and community. At TASUS we strive for continuous improvement to satisfy the needs of all of the people involved with our company. This does not mean simply increasing the bottom line, but rather improving the livelihood of each and every person involved. This makes TASUS a truly well-rounded company, one that cares about the bottom line but also cares about each individual contributing to it. This is why TASUS was nominated and this is why we believe we can win.


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