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TASUS Softball Team Season Recap

October 29, 2014

Bloomington, IN– The TASUS softball team’s season has recently come to a close. This was the first season the team has played together, growing as a team each game. The team battled every game and always left the field with their heads held high. One game in particular, the team came from behind to force extra innings. This game was a nail biter demonstrating the teams mental toughness and never quit attitude.

The team would like to thank all of the employees, friends, and families that came to games in their support. The strong showing during games showed to be just another motivation for the team to come together and give it their all. TASUS employee Brett Wagnon played catcher for the team, and said “The team noticeably came together as the season went on, and we look forward to reforming the team to keep the momentum going during the spring season.”

Every game was competitive and exposed the teamwork that is present in ALL TASUS employees. At TASUS we always work together as a team, whether we are at work or on the field.


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