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TASUS Softball Team “The Oddballs”

September 13, 2016

Georgetown, TX- The “Oddballs”, as they are humorously called, are TASUS’s Coed Softball team in Texas. The team has done quite well this season but, they have done a lot more than winning!

The team practices on Wednesday from 6-8 but you can catch most of the team members heading to practice early. Almost everyone on the team have children that play softball or baseball, so the team members head to practice around 5:30 with their kids. The team members will practice with their kids before the Oddball’s practice begins so the whole family can get time on the field. It’s a great team building experience for both the children and adults.

The Oddballs will play their final game on Friday at 9:00PM. Be sure to go out and support your coworkers!

Thanks to the Oddballs for representing TASUS so well on and off the field!


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