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TASUS Sponsors Building of Water Wells in Kenya Africa

August 25, 2014

Bloomington, IN–TASUS has shared many stories about employees volunteering time or donating to help local causes. Today we are proud to share our story about helping people who live in a world that is far from that which we are accustomed to. TASUS helped sponsor the building of water wells in small rural Kenyan villages. These water wells will help provide local families with readily available clean water in or around their villages.

Prior to the construction of these water wells families in these small villages had to walk miles and carry buckets of water back. Hearing stories of this struck Director of Sales Carey Marks so he began looking for ways to help build wells in the villages. Marks was able to find inexpensive solutions to build the wells and began helping raise money. TASUS helped sponsor the construction and within 15 months three wells were finished. Marks was excited to have been able to help these villages and looks forward to working on more wells for other villages in need.

If you are interested in donating money towards the construction of future water wells contact . Checks can be made out to KNMI (Kim Norris Ministries International) for any amount you wish to donate. Write in the memo section of the check “Water Wells for Africa”. It is fully tax deductible.


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