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TASUS Sponsors Owen Valley SeaPerch Team

May 17, 2016

Bloomington, IN- TASUS helped sponsor the Owen Valley High School SeaPerch team’s trip to their national competition in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. SeaPerch is an underwater vex robotics team that creates robots that dive, climb, and maneuver through various obstacles transporting items in the water from one location to another.

The SeaPerch team has been a very successful school program at Owen Valley. During its six years they have competed in the SeaPerch National Challenge five times. Over the past year the team has captured numerous awards such as 3rd in the obstacle course, 6th in the “Orbs” course, and third overall. They won both regional and state competitions to move on to nationals this year.Of the 36 members on the team, 16 will fly to the nationals competition in Baton Rouge.

Last Wednesday we were given the opportunity to visit the Owen Valley SeaPerch team at one of their final practices. We were really impressed with team, mentors and robot.

Thanks for allowing us to visit your practice, we wish SeaPerch all the best at Nationals!


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