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TASUS Supports BHSS Robotics Team

February 10, 2017

Bloomington,IN- TASUS supported the Bloomington South Robotics Team the “Quadrangles” for their 2016-2017 season. The team is composed of high school students from freshman to seniors. The Quandrangles compete in the First Robotics Competition which allows students to have hands on experience in a variety of fields such as engineering, design, project management, business and teamwork. With the help of mentors, the students design and build a life size robot to compete against other teams across the United States.

TASUS employees visited the team last Friday and were able to get a sneak peak at some pieces of the robot. Everyone was very impressed that a few members of the team had built a 3D printer to make parts for the robots(pictured above).

Currently our very own Remy Page and Brandon Terry help mentor the team. The team has a very intense schedule, both the mentors and team put in over 30 hours a week. They meet Monday-Saturday working a few hours after school everyday and almost 10 hours every Saturday. The team eats dinner together almost every night.

The Quadrangles are in their 7th year of competition and have captured many awards during that time. In 2011, the Quadratics team won the Midwest Regional. In 2014 they were second place finalists at the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, OH. In 2015, they finished 6th at the Indiana State Championship. All alumni of the team have gone on to two year or four year universities in mostly STEM related careers.

If you are interested in learning more about the First Robotics Competition and it’s theme, click here!

TASUS wishes the Quadrangles all the best in their 2016-2017 season!


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