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TASUS Teaches Educators about Manufacturing

June 21, 2017

Bloomington, IN- On Monday June 5th, TASUS was one of 18 local companies who opened their doors to educators to give them a peek into the world of plastic injection molding. The event was sponsored by the Regional Opportunity Initiative (ROI) which is a non-profit organization established to advance economic and community prosperity in Southwest Central Indiana.

The ROI Educator Bootcamp was an externship program that exposed local educators to the wide variety of industry jobs available in their backyard. Teachers, counselors, and school leaders were invited to attend serving grades K-12.

TASUS hosted 4 teachers and they spent the day touring the plant, shadowing different departments, as well as going through a TPS training. TASUS loves being able to help support economic and community growth and prosperity.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a success.


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