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TASUS, TSUCHIYA, and Hart Honored by Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

April 30, 2014

Bloomington, IN—TASUS and parent company TSUCHIYA Company Ltd. were recently honored at a SelectUSA Reception in Japan. Unlike the SelectUSA Investment Summit held in Washington D.C., where thousands of business representatives attended, this reception was more private. Only a handful of mid-sized companies who have been involved with the SelectUSA initiative were invited and honored.

United States Ambassador Caroline Kennedy thanked the companies and their representatives for their support in this initiative. TSUCHIYA leaders were seated in the front of the room as honored guests. During Ambassador Kennedy’s presentation she thanked TSUCHIYA for their investment in the U.S. and mentioned the expansion of TASUS in North America. Ambassador Kennedy briefly mentioned TASUS’s newest facility in Alabama and the jobs it has created.

After the presentations Ambassador Kennedy spoke with the attendees and again thanked them for the investment and support they have demonstrated for the United States. TASUS president Melanie Hart had a chance to speak with Ambassador Kennedy during this time. Kennedy thanked president Hart for her role at the SelectUSA Investment Summit and congratulated her for all she has accomplished.

President Hart said this reception was a way to reach out and thank the mid-sized businesses that have invested in the United States. Ambassador Kennedy was successful in honoring those who have already been involved, as well as encourage additional investment to continue the growth.


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