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TASUS Walked Around the World!?

April 11, 2014

Bloomington, IN—Congratulations to TASUS Indiana and TGNA for successfully walking a trip around the world. The TASUS Health and Wellness TPS Team set a goal for TASUS employees to walk enough miles to cover a trip around the world and they have finished the long trek of over 22,000 miles. This encouraged employees to be active, while also building teamwork to complete the goal. Employees would walk, run, or exercise and turn in miles to keep tally of just how far they have went.

The trip started in Ocean City, Maryland and winded its way through many different cities from the Tsuchiya Group Headquarters in Nagoya, Japan to Dubai, Madrid, and many others. TASUS had 23 employees reach at least 100 miles, with many going well above that. TASUS President Melanie Hart walked 639 miles. There were three individuals who surpassed 1000 miles, and they did so by quite a bit. Allan Fowler walked 1,130, Mark Anderson completed 2,345, and leading the way was Richard Miller who finished 3,618 miles.

This is a great accomplishment for all but it does not stop there. TASUS has now set a new goal to walk 25,000 miles in honor of our 25 year anniversary of being in business in North America. The team has had such success with the first goal set, there is no doubt the team will keep on going and reach all goals put in front of them. Congratulations to all involved in the walk around the world and good luck on the challenge of reaching 25,000 miles.


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