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TPS Highlight: Texas

May 11, 2016

Georgetown, TX-This team highlighted the many benefits of implementing Toyota principles in the workplace.They used multiple principles by making a plan to reduce setup times, which improved efficiency and decreased cost to the company. People from a variety of positions worked together to reduce setup times by nearly 40%. That is amazing!

Thank you for your hard-work and dedication to continuously improving the company.

A special thanks to: Freddie Camp, Mark Franklin, Kathie Smelser, Jim Ramien, Pamela Miller, Hector Gonzales, Joe Grado, Tommy Lockhart, Mike Richmond, Timothy Luna, Anthony Bunch, John Welch, Quentin Mayfield, Cody Coburn, Anthony Saldana, Jose Gutierrez, Jonathan Myers, Shannon Goza, Ricardo Robles, Ivan Castillo, Jesus Lopez, Hector Flores, & Kevin Gabriel


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